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Anyone remember these monitors?

I found an old "Monitor ///" on ebay and the lighting of the shot reminded me of the fact that these monitors felt like they had nylons/stockings over them. It's as if the texture was because someone wrapped the tube in panty hose.

Weird stuff.

(Image snarfed from ebay auction - apologies to anyone that claims rights to the shot but think of it as advertising)

I remember a good number of //e's being sold with this… Continue

Added by Wholly Mindless on December 22, 2007 at 3:21pm — 4 Comments

LisaEm on Windows...

Well, based on Sunder's recommendation (it's good to recommend your own app), I pulled down lisaem and tried it on my (accept my apologies) windows machine. Wow, it's pretty neat although a bit 'big" even for my 24" monitor. After some monkeying around and generally making a fool of myself (gotta love the drive noises), I went out to grab some disk images.

I found some system disks over at… Continue

Added by Wholly Mindless on December 19, 2007 at 11:32pm — No Comments

Retro Or Proven

Found this wandering the web at

Apple II. It's proven technology

But the Mac with that gorgeous black and grey was just hard to ignore. It may only be one bit, but it was a beautiful one bit. The "color bleeds" of Apple II hires displays were just… Continue

Added by Wholly Mindless on December 16, 2007 at 11:23pm — 2 Comments

Greetings Programs!

OK, I've been guilted into becoming a member.

Considering that I avoid EVERY other "Social Network", I find it strange that I signed up here. Maybe it's because I'm not too abnormal here.

I've been an Apple owner since 1979 (with a break in the middle) but still haven't managed to get back to day to day Apple use. Someday maybe.

I've got a PowerBook 5300ce that I haven't spent enough time with - between a bunch of dead batteries and a flakey power connector, it's just… Continue

Added by Wholly Mindless on December 16, 2007 at 12:50am — 2 Comments



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