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Am I psychic?

Having spent some time away from the retro Mac world lately (a baby will do that to your free time!), I thought I'd get back into the swing of things now that my in-laws have given me a mint-condition LCii with 12" screen, Apple stylewriter, etc.

As I was perusing the site I came across my old blog post here and, on reading the bottom two paragraphs, I had to smile. Let me…


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How retro can you be?

I'm in the process of setting up my hobby studio (hey, I won't deny that I am a geek) and was looking for some inspiration - Think Different posters, possibly making a large medieval banner (I am in the middle of building a fantasy town/city to house my ever-growing collection of wargame miniatures and, as I don't get time to play, am making them into a large static display, with lighting, etc). When I found this and was intrigued by… Continue

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The Newton is still worthwhile

I have previously stated that I didn't think the iPhone/iPod Touch had gone far enough down the PDA route to be truly useful to the business community, despite the added Outlook integration provided by the iPhone 3G. With that in mind (and considering my old O2 XDA has gone the way of the dodo), I picked up a Newton (MessagePad 110) from eBay for the princely sum of £4 plus postage and thought I'd see if I could make use of that to help me keep my day organised.

I just thought I'd… Continue

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Taking the plunge, switching and Macs vs The Credit Crunch

First of all, thanks to eBay, I am now the proud owner of an Apple Newton. For £4.75 plus postage, I picked up a Messagepad 110, which is fine by me. I know it's not as cool as the later 2100, but it'll do for a start and I rather like the design. I'm looking forward to getting hold of it and am genuinely interested in seeing if I can't run an entire project using nothing but the Newton and my Pismo PowerBook. I don't see why not and, if all goes well, I think I'll post the findings up… Continue

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Why did Macs spend so long being seen as not valid for "business" users?

As I sat at my Pismo the other day, reviewing artwork for a multinational web campaign, the thought suddenly struck me that a lot of businesses are now moving towards using Macs, because the Intel processor lets them use Windows for the "office" style things and the creatives can get on with doing the pretty stuff on Apples as they always have done. I remember, not so long ago, that the great resistance to switching was always based around the argument "well, Macintoshes are great if you're… Continue

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Should I get a Newton?

Currently, I am without a PDA. I have, somewhere, got an old Sony Clie that I never really got on with and I used to have an XDA Trion from O2 which, despite running Windows Mobile, was pretty good - I could make calls and surf the web on it and it kept my diary up to date. However, it died very quickly and I've been PDA-less since.

I have an iPod Touch, but I don't find the calendar quick enough to add meetings to and parts of the iPod Touch/iPhone interface are a bit… Continue

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Why I love my G3s, or "How a tech professional learned to cope without the Newest Toys"

I think that the title of this post is pretty self-explanatory, but I do often get asked by my techno-geek friends why I have actively moved away from high-end Windows/Intel hardware and am happy to sit at an old Blue Dalmatian iMac G3 or a Pismo G3 laptop. Surely, they reason, they are too slow, too old and I can't play the latest games?

Well, whilst I will admit that I will be unlikely to run Prey or Doom 3, the fact is that I don't really mind so much. To be honest, I get more joy… Continue

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Games as literary aids?

I wrote this on my other blog and was wondering what you all thought on the subject - I'm soon to be a father myself (nervous, but happy!) and I have long thought that I would like to bring up my kids using an old mac (iMac, even) instead of relying on the Baby Einstein or Night Garden rubbish on DVD. I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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So, what's the big deal with the iPhone?

I think that I must possibly be the only person on the planet, or at least the only techno-geek, that is not bowled over by the iPhone. Yes, it’s now got 3G and GPS, but I’ve got an iPod touch that does most of what the iPhone does and which I don’t have to shell out on a monthly basis to own. I think it’s nice and it is certainly better than its rivals in a lot of ways, but it almost feels like Apple has deliberately not made it all it can be.

Let me explain - when Apple made the… Continue

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Where is the new Mac?

I know that we've had the eight-core Mac Pros and the the MacBook Air and, in fairness, the aluminium iMac (a machine I think is stunning, but I really don't like the keyboard), but they aren't, well, new.

Bear with me, as I think this needs some explanation - yes, we have had a myriad new products, but we haven't had anything to change the world in the same way that the original Macintosh did. Or, I suppose, the Macintosh II in the way it overturned the entire print and… Continue

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"Let's Be Pirates!"

Just a quick post to remind everyone on here that they should immediately go out and watch Pirates of Silicon Valley. Ok, it stars that guy from ER and one of the geeks from the 80s movie "Weird Science", but for any true computer nerd, this movie is a kind of pilgrimage. Telling the story of the rise of the personal computer by charting the rise and fall (and subsequent re-rising) of Steve Jobs and Apple, as well as the rise of Bill Gates and Microsoft.

Yes, it's a bit lightweight… Continue

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Starting a Digital Design Business

There are a lot of magazine articles (not to mention books and websites) that are dedicated to the theme of getting started as a digital design agency, either as a freelance going it alone, or as a group of designers forming their own business. Mostly, these are concerned with things like building your company website and ensuring your logo translates well from the screen to a printed business card or letterhead.

Now, I'm not knocking such articles and, to be honest, some of them… Continue

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Blog migration

Currently, I blog at my personal blog, but I think in future that my old Mac thoughts such as what the new powerbook/macbook should look like, or why older Macs provide a lot of enjoyment will be posted here, or at least duplicated here, so that people don't… Continue

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