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IIsi in a Bag

Ever since learning about A/UX, I have wanted a computer that I could run it on. However, I tend to collect powerbooks and consumer macintoshes, so none of the computers in my collection met the requirements. I had to go out and get one of the more professional models. I find A/UX to be quite fascinating and would love the experience of using… Continue

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E-Machines EtherDock for the PowerBook Duo series

With a little more free time with the holidays, I thought I would showcase some stuff I have collected over the past few years. I have made quite a collection of docks for my PowerBook Duos. Although the concept of a lightweight notebook that can be docked to form a full size desktop is novel, I find the selection of mini and micro docks to be another interesting facet of the line. With out the docks, the Duo becomes a nearly enclosed computing system, with only a serial or modem to access the… Continue

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You Have a NEWTON????

Even after 14 years, an Apple Newton 110 can still turn heads.

A week ago a classmate caught me browsing eBay and the local craigslist for laptops. I told him that I enjoy collecting the old computers and had a number of them already. After offering to give me his old PowerBook, he mentioned that he had always wanted to play with a Newton. He had seen them years ago, but never had a chance to use it. In response to that, I said had collected three of them, a 110, 2100 and an eMate… Continue

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QuickTake photos

Part of my Vintage Apple/Mac collection is a QuickTake 100 digital camera. I got this camera back in 2004 when I purchased a vintage Duo 280c and 230.

Back in 1993, Apple thought they could get a part of the billion dollar photography industry by releasing their own digital camera. Digital cameras at the time were in early development and did not have the same quality as our current cameras. Here is my Quicktake with a neck strap and a red floppy for comparison: …


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