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This weekend I decided to get started on 'rebuilding' the Powermac 8500 I got from a friend. It came with the original manuals, CD and stuff in the 'Look here first' box, so I ran the install CD. It installed Mac OS 7.5.3. I had found a nice ISO image with lots of Classic Mac software, and used the CD I created to install System 7.6.1 on the system's second hard disk. Next I upgraded to 7.6.1 (how nice you can do all this without rebooting or having to run something first!). Via the *excellent* website I found all kinds of updates, software etc. for this machine. Because it has a very fast processor for it's time (180MHz 604e) I can run all kinds of software, Internet Explorer 5 as a nice web browser, Microsoft Office 98, Clarisworks 5 and more very nicely. Here's a screenshot I mailed to my friend who got me the machine, to show him my work so far:
No emulators!

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Comment by Dan Palka on February 26, 2008 at 12:02pm
Mac OS 7.6.1 is definitely worth more than a weekend!


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