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Mac fans and documentarians Josh and Rob, who are getting ready to release "Welcome to Macintosh", invited me to attend an early screening this week in Los Angeles. Since the operating budget of the podcast doesn't include round-trip flights to California, I was fortunate to to be in the LA area thanks to a trip for my job. The screening was held in a small theater on a lot at Paramount Studios. The audience were coworkers and friends of Josh and Rob, many of whom screened the film in September, offered feedback, and returned to see the new version. Josh and Rob met me at a nearby Starbucks before we headed to the Paramount lot.

My only experience on a studio lot was during trips to the Universal Studios theme park so this was kind of exciting. Would I see a movie star? How about some filming of an upcoming television show? I didn't see any of that. In fact, my only celebrity sighting came at the aforementioned Starbucks -- James Kyson Lee from "Heroes" was enjoying a latte at an adjacent table. On the Paramount lot, I did see a few remnants of sets -- building facades and sky backdrops. Probably the coolest thing I saw was a row of film vaults outside. Josh and Rob obliged me and Patricia, Josh's girlfriend, took our picture in front of the vaults. There was no listing so we can only imagine what treasures are kept behind those heavy doors.

Welcome to Macintosh sets out to tell how Apple and their Macintosh computers changed the world through the stories of those who either helped create the Macintosh or those whose lives were impacted. In an hour and half, Josh and Rob take on the challenge and succeed at telling that story. There is one main criticism retro Mac fans like us will have with the documentary. It's too short! While you and I could probably spend all day reviewing Apple and Macintosh history and listening to the folks that created and lived it, most could not. I'm told Josh and Rob will satisfy the diehard among us eventually with extras in an eventual DVD release. Until then, your first opportunity to see "Welcome to Macintosh" will be at the Wisconsin Film Festival in April. We'll get Josh and Rob back on the podcast as we near the big event.

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Comment by Ken on March 4, 2008 at 11:29am
I'm going to try and catch it in Madison, Wisconsin if I don't have anything going on. It is a week after the Midwest Gaming Classic though...


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