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Well, visited my friend at a local University on Monday and picked up a heap of retro Mac stuff. A big thanks to David!

Most importantly I got a Performa 5260 to round out the 5xxx series collection. Also snagged an SE/30 workhorse and a Laserwriter II (haven't seen the model number as yet).

I also got an Apple Portrait Display and an Apple 14" AV monitor (the one from the Centris/Quadra era) along with a pile of Apple Ergonomic (ie split) Keyboards.

Included was a few years worth of MacWorld magazines, some interesting peripheral cards, drives and cables and a pile of RAM (30 and 72 pin) which should come in very handy.

Sadly, I had to leave three 20" Applevision monitors behind, as I just don't have the space to fit them.

Now to set to cleaning, testing and finding some space for them.



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Comment by Wholly Mindless on December 19, 2007 at 8:55pm
Nice haul.
Comment by James on December 19, 2007 at 10:16pm
Awesome treasure trove! Have any pictures to share? Those AV monitors would be nice to have, but they do take up lots of space.


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