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Well, based on Sunder's recommendation (it's good to recommend your own app), I pulled down lisaem and tried it on my (accept my apologies) windows machine. Wow, it's pretty neat although a bit 'big" even for my 24" monitor. After some monkeying around and generally making a fool of myself (gotta love the drive noises), I went out to grab some disk images.

I found some system disks over at in .sit format. Well. This is where the problem started. Knowing these were stuffit archives, I found our friends at Smith Micro who offered a windows stuffit expander for free. No big deal...

Just sign your life away and let digitalriver (a company that in my experience has singlehandedly made digital downloads the most cumbersome process on the planet) send you the stuff.

The free expander supports TWO formats. Zip (great, even windows can handle that natively) and .sitx - a only nearly related version of sit, but not compatible enough to unpack those images. So I figure, I'll try the 30 day demo (despite the fact that I was still unhappy about giving them as much info as I did and approval to send me crap by email).

Whoa. That page asked for more info than my last car loan.

So, since Smith Micro won't be getting my business except accidentally on Macs (Why in the world did mac let someone like that become a "standard"?) Anyone got another option to unpack sit files?

(In case you think that I have a problem with paying for software, I am likely the ONLY licensed user of winrar which unpacks just about anything including suitcases, but NOT sit files).

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