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What got me started collecting Macs

This was my reply to Kathyrn's question, but I figured I'd add it here, too, in case others had the same question.

You asked what triggered me to get into Macs and then start collecting them. Well, I guess you could say I'm part of the iPod Halo effect, in a roundabout way. Back in 2003 I was trying to view something online with my old Dell (I don't own it anymore - I shipped it off to my brother who uses it as a video/photo server. Don't worry about him, though, because I gave him an iBook G4 which is his every day computer.) and it popped up some message about needing QuickTime. When I downloaded QuickTime, it came with iTunes. Not liking WMP, I tried out iTunes and loved it so much that I decided to get an iPod. I loved my iPod so much that I kept visiting Apple's website to admire the computers, in particular the iMac. When my sister had her baby, my mom and I flew out to San Diego to visit. We ended up at USC (?) Mall, with my mom and sister spending forever in a South African high end baby clothes store. I got bored after admiring every outfit three times and wandered outside. I spotted the Apple Store just across the way and was drawn inside. All those beautiful bright white Macs enraptured me! I started to play with one of the iMacs and just as I moved the mouse over the Dock and it magnified, my mom and my sister found me and announced that they were ready to move on. When I got back home to Florida, on my first day off, I printed out driving directions to the nearest Apple Store (Mall at Millenia in Orlando) and headed down the highway. That was the day of the MacWorld Keynote and the Apple Store was abuzz about the "headless Mac (Mini)". I came home with a beautiful 17" iMac G5 and Soundsticks II speakers. That's when the love of all things Mac began. When my iMac had to spend a few days at the Genius Bar because of a failed logic board, I came home with a new 20" G5 with the iSight and Front Row. I just couldn't be without a Mac for a week, could I? Then the 17" iMac came home but ended up going back to the Genius Bar four more times because it kept failing (it wouldn't turn on, the firewire wouldn't work, etc) before Apple finally just replaced it with the one I'm using right now, the CoreDuo 17" iMac. Then I got my PowerBook on eBay and when it ended up at the Genius Bar just as much as the original iMac, I came home with a MacBook Pro. They did finally fix my PowerBook, too, after a few months of repairs (good thing I got the MBP!!). I think perhaps the Apple Store has something going there - fix it a little bit wrong so I'll have to keep coming back because they know prolonged exposure to something new will cause me to buy it. Luckily everything is working just fine these days (actually the fan on my 20" iMac is making more and more noise so it has to go in before its AppleCare runs out in November - but I cannot afford a MacBook Air!!!!! I've never seen one in person, but I'm afraid that if I do, I'll have to have one. The closest Apple Store is over an hour away, thank goodness!!! But I did just clean out my closet and put lots of clothes I no longer wear on eBay tonight so if they do really well...).
I do periodically clean out my closet and those "gently worn" clothes can sometimes sell for more than they originally cost - other times not so well, but I usually end up with a nice amount of "free" money. That's where I really got my collecting bug. I was looking for a red belt buckle one day on eBay and found an Apple belt buckle. Then I started searching further and found how inexpensive iMac G3s can be. I just love the design of those iMacs. I even remember wanting one back when the commercials for them used to be on TV. I absolutely love OS X and all the amazing things the Macs do, but I am captivated by the design of them. Jonathan Ive is my favorite artist and I collect his art. People ask me why I have so many Macs and I tell them that they are my art collection. Most people have paintings or sculptures, but I have my Apples (Macs, displays, speakers, iPods). I just love the bold whites and bright colors and the simple yet elegant designs. I'm not so much a fan of the new grey iMacs (they call them aluminum but to me they are just grey). They may grow on me with time. I got some awesome deals on my Cubes and the iMac G4 right before Christmas (best time of year to shop on eBay!!!) I'm always browsing eBay for another deal that's just too good to pass up and the collection keeps growing. Space has screeched on the brakes, however.

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Comment by Wholly Mindless on May 23, 2008 at 9:18am
I love how it snowballs... I'm sorry for your wallet that you caught the bug but the world is better for it! Thanks for sharing!
Comment by macuser77 on May 24, 2008 at 8:12am
Nice story! Yes, the Apple stores will definitely suck you right in! The Air is an amazing machine too! Sounds like you better bring in a couple G's on your next store visit!


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