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Leopard Retail on G4-upgraded Beige and B&W Macs...

After a previous couple of posts on about nearly getting Leopard to load on a Beige G3 / Blue & White G3 I can confirm that I have had success with it booting fully to the graphical user interface, after quite a few tries of different techniques.

There are some functions which currently need attention, like Firewire and power management, but this is related to the way I've got it working:

1. G3 B&W upgraded to run a 600Mhz G4 CPU
2. Used the B&W to installed 10.4 and upgrade to 10.4.11.
3. Used a Digital Audio G4 to install Leopard as an upgrade over existing Tiger installation
4. Tried to boot this on B&W G4. Got previous error or crash with IOGraphicsFamily
5. Noted that AppleCuda and AppleLynx (firewire) kexts didn't load corrctly during boot either/
6. Extracted all kernel extensions from 10.5 WWDC 2006 edition, using Digital Audio - as this booted on G3 and G4 systems, and has all the missing kernel extensions not included in the Lopeard final release.
7. Deleted 'newer versions' of the kexts 'IOGraphicsFamily.kext', 'AppleCuda.kext', 'IOFirewireFamily.kext' and installed the relevant ones from WWDC 2006.
8. Boot was then successful.

See a screenshot on my photos page:

Currently, AppleCuda.kext doesn't load and this results in a shutdown powering down everything, but not turning off the fans. IOFirewiewFamily.kext doesn't load so firewire port don't yet work.

I've also flashed a Nvidia Geforce PCI 5200 card which support CoreImage as hardware accelerated, not too slowly,

Next I'll try on my Beige G3 to see what happens!

Hope someone else finds this information useful.
Hi - Just an update: have now also managed to get it to boot on a G4
upgraded Beige G3 with Radeon 9200. 1. Booted into Mac OS 9, which was
installed on same partition as 10.5
2. Used Xpostfacto to install startup item and bootx, to enable booting on oldworld macs.
3. Disabled onboard video using setenv pci-probe-list fffbffff in Open Firmware (Apple-Alt-O-F at startup)
4. Restarted, and bootup occured as per the B&W G3 ()G4 Upgraded) to full GUI.

Now going to experiment with updates!

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