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Hi Everyone,

Another update regarding Leopard on Beige G3 (G4 upgraded) - it's now running 10.5.4 with sound and power management functions working properly.

There seemed to be a problem that whenever I updated the Beige from 10.5.0 to a newer version it would always restart with a kernel panic, stating "unable to find driver for platform "APPL,PowerMacG3". The only way I could get 10.5.0 working on it was to install 10.5.0 over a working Tiger 10.4.11 installation. Using a 'fresh install' of 10.5.0, adding back relevant kernel extensions always result in the same error as above.

However, thinking that the solution must lie in the kernel extensions I managed to get a fresh copy of 10.5.0 working by figuring out the differences between an installation of 10.5.0 over 10.4.11 and a fresh 10.5.0 install.

The kexts (apart from the ones Xpostfacto installs) that were missing from 10.5.0 were:

* AppleCuda.kext (handles ADB mouse and power management function and sound)
* AppleGossamer.kext (Platfrom expert for Beige G3, B&W and Yikes! G4 - i.e. the platform driver)
* AppleHeathrow.kext (driver for the Heathrow chip which handles IDE/ATA)
* AppleGracklePCI.kext (driver for the Grakle chip which handles memoery management and IDE/ATA and PCI slots)
* HeathrowATA.kext (driver for the ATA controller section of Heathrow chip)

By experimenting with the working installation of 10.5.0 over 10.4.11 I determined that out of the available kexts versions I have (Tiger versions, WWDC 2006 versions and 10.5 beta-build a527 versions) that the following combination worked. Where possible I used the latest a527 versions as these were the most recent, with the exception of AppleGracklePCI.kext, which was only available in the WWDC 2006. IOGraphicsFamily.kext from a527 exhibited the same crash as the one included in 10.5.0, so the one from WWDC 2006 was used.

To get 10.5.0 working:

1. Installed 10.5.0 from DVD using a Digital Audio G4 to a 7.7GB partition.
2. Copied (from a527): AppleCuda.kext, AppleGossamer.kext, AppleHeathrow.kext, HeathrowATA.kext into System/Library/Extensions/
3. Copied (from WWDC 2006): AppleGracklePCI.kext, IOGraphicsFamily.kext (deleted existing 10.5.0 one)
4. *Important* used BatChmod ( programme to set permissions on all kexts to owner: system, group: wheel, read and execute only. Doing a permissions repair on the kexts with DiskUtility does not set the permissions properly.
5. *Important* deleted files in System/Library/Caches/ and file: System/Library/extensions.mkext and System/Library/Extensions/Caches/
6. Booted into OS 9 and used Xpostfacto to install all missing kenerel extensions for the Beige and to enable booting into Mac OS X on an oldworld system.
7. Restarted and boot went well.

Trying to update this to 10.5.4 resulted in the same error, so instead I used the Digital Audio to install a fresh 10.5.0 onto a partition and then ran the 10.5.4 combo updater, repeated the steps above and had success!
In 10.5.4 even the internal RagePro works, without causing a kenerl panic on startup - they key to this is to make sure that the RagePro.kext isn't in the extensions folder. Installing 10.5.0 over 10.4.11 meant that this was there.

The B&W and the Yikes! G4 should all work the same, except you will need the additional kexts installed, which are missing, or do not work from 10.5.0:

* AppleFireWireFamily.kext (10.5.0 version doesn't load properly)
* CMD646ATA.kext (missing from 10.5.0 - ATA driver)

Sorry it's a bit long-winded, but hope it's of interest to all those G4 upgraded beige G3s.



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