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Distribution - MacHEADS is getting closer

Last month we’ve announced the completion of MacHEADS at
Gizmodo, and since than the movie got the attention of the film industry. We are working around the clock to complete a distribution deal that will bring MacHEADS to the wide public. At this point we can’t disclose the identity of the distribution companies, but we can say that we are in serious discussions with 2 major companies in the US and in Europe. In addition we submitted the documentary to major film festivals around the world for the 2009 season. Producers Ron and Kobi Shely are exploring new ways to combine traditional ways of distribution along side with the new digital sphere. They are planning a special event for the premier. In the upcoming August interview for German Mac Magazine
MacUP they said ” We are now in the crossing-over time period. On one hand the classic distribution channels such as TV and theater are still prominent and distributors are mostly targeting their sales for them. That said, the amazing feedback and thousands of posts MacHEADS got even before its release, indicate that the digital opportunities out there are huge. We believe the film industry is currently undergoing the same process as the Music industry did a few years ago, and it is up to us independent movie makers to lead the way. Movie making in the digital sphere has different cinematic and marketing rule and we believe in the power of combining the traditional (Cinema TV and DVD) with digital distribution. These efforts take time but we really are getting closer to making MacHEADS available to the wide public.

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Comment by Ryan on July 19, 2008 at 7:47am
Sell it on Beta !


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