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I've just recently gotten a QuickTake 100 camera and just yesterday I got a QuickTake 150. The 150 holds twice as many photos as the 100 at the highest quality setting : 16 compared to only 8!! I have been using the PhotoFlash editing software that comes with the QuickTake 150 software. It is very easy to use and it is a much nicer viewer than QuickTime for photos. The QuickTake 100 software would cause my WallStreet to lock up immediately upon attempting to connect to the camera, so I am using the 150 software for both cameras. The resolution of the photos is the same as a low end cell phone camera, but you have to remember that these cameras are about 15 years old. It is way more fun to use one of these old "binocular" cameras than a regular modern day digital camera. Rather than looking at the photos as blurry or poor, I look at them as kind of a painting. I'm in the very very early stages of learning what kind of scenes and things will look nicer than others when captured by the QuickTake. Here are a few of my photos that I've taken in the past few days. I'll add more photos as I progress in my QuickTaking.
Walking down the boardwalk over the Dunes to the New Smyrna Inlet. Taken with QT100.
The beach peaking over the top of the Dunes. This what I call Lake Atlantic: it's about as flat as the ocean can get. The wind was really light this morning so the water was crystal clear. The pelicans were in heaven! Taken with QT100.
Looking down towards the Jetty, where the ocean meets the river. Taken with QT100.
Dusk in my flower bed. This was one of the first photos taken with the QT150.
Flowers at Dusk, taken with QT150.
East Bank of Our Pond Pre Fay taken w/ QuickTake 100 In between the bands of rain and wind, I decided to take a picture of our pond before the heavy bands arrive to gage the water level. I took this photo from our deck. I puttered around for a few minutes and when I went to go back inside, someone else was also trying to get inside. His photo is next.
Attempted Evacuee from Fay taken with QuickTake 100 This poor little guy tried to slither into our kitchen when I left the door open while I was taking photos in between the bands of Tropical Storm Fay. In my panic, I could not think of the rhyme about red touches yellow... Having lost my dog six years ago, and my cat when I was young, to coral snakes, I was so scared that I jumped over him and slammed the french door on him just as he was crossing the threshold. My husband came home and told me he's actually a king snake, albeit now a flattened one. Even though he turned out not to be a killer snake, my nerves are still a wreck.
It seems like Fay has finally stopped dumping rain on us. I tried taking photos of the pond with my QuickTake, but it's so dreary out that the photos really do look too muddy to see what's what :-( I cheated and took this with my iPhone. You can see the amazing difference in quality between the QuickTake and the iPhone. The QuickTake is 0.32 megapixels (I think) versus the iPhone's 2.0 megapixels. The pond is now level with the yard, actually flooding into the yard in one point on its lowest bank. The baby Maple tree is now six feet out into the pond, whereas last week it sat about three feet on land away from the water's edge. In the bottom left of the photo is another of the joys of living in Florida. He's been with us since just after Hurricane Charley, when he arrived as a six inch baby with yellow stripes. He's about four feet now and stays in our pond and eats the fish who swim in the shallows by the banks. Unfortunately the Little Guy is not afraid of people since we have never shown him any threat, so if he gets too much bigger, he may have to be relocated. Our road is so flooded in some spots that my little Eclipse cannot pass through it. I have been hitching rides in my husband's XTerra this week. Maybe in a few days I can get out if it really stops raining.
Heavy rains rolling in across a very stormy ocean. It monsooned on me minutes after I took this photo. This is my first day using the QuickTake 200. I could not see what was in the LCD screen at all in the glare of the sun behind me (the sun that disappeared moments later) so I had to just aim the camera in the general direction of the clouds. There is no view finder on the QT200 (it was an option that could be added externally).
My very first photo taken with the Quicktake 200: my car's dash. I had to go buy batteries for it at KMart on the way to the beach and I wanted to see if it would really work. I tried my rechargeable AA batteries in it but it turned on for a second and then the fully charged batteries were completely dead and the camera shut off. These are the batteries that last for months in my keyboard and mouse. My QT150 killed two sets of these rechargeables just sitting on the shelf in the off position, too. My QT100 is still on its original set of lithium batteries like I have now put in the other QTs. They all love the non rechargeable "great for digital camera" lithium Energizer batteries. I tried to be Green... I got this camera on eBay as untested and unable to power on for $9.00. It did not come with any cables or power supply. I had to get it a 5V SmartMedia card and a PCMCIA card reader. I put the PCMCIA card in my PowerBook G4 and drag the photos into iPhoto. The camera seems to work perfectly! Before I got the camera and realized I would need to get a SmartMedia card and card reader, I had gone to the trouble to install the QT 200 software on a different OS 9 system folder than the QT 150 software on my WallStreet. Using the G4 is so much easier, since I don't have to reboot from OS 9 into OS X to upload the photos to this website (which will not load at all in IE5 on OS 9) or to my MobileMe folders (MM tells me that I am using an unsupported browser when I use IE5 on OS 9).
The Dunes after Tropical Storm Hannah. New Smyrna lost an unbelievable amount of sand in this storm. Taken with QuickTake 200, uploaded via PCMCIA to my PowerBook G4 running Tiger and edited with iPhoto 6.
The Dunes after Hannah's heavy erosion. September 2008. Taken with QuickTake 200, uploaded via PCMCIA to my PowerBook G4 and edited with iPhoto 6 (I guess I forgot to update iLife on this computer).

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Comment by Sean2300c on August 9, 2008 at 2:21am
I really like your photo "Flowers at Dusk"- the red on the leaves really comes out, and the photo has an overall old fashioned film quality to it. Even the brown color of the wood barrel is vivid.
Comment by Mycroft on November 3, 2008 at 8:16am
Those are fabulous pictures! You clearly have an eye for photography as well as computers.


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