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My wife is away for a couple of days, so I decided it was a great opportunity to look at my new Macs and see what's what. My focus turn towards the LC 475, as this was the only one which booted. I was pleased to note that the LC 475 had 36mb of RAM and a 160mb hard disk. Along with its 25Mhz processor it made it my most powerfully 68k Mac.

The first job I tackled was to back up the contents of the hard drive and add any new applications or utilities to my collection of old software, I keep on a external 9gb Lacie SCSI hard disk. There was a lot of old games on there but nothing else that I needed. I will have to dedicate more time to look into the games as this could be time consuming if you know what I mean. The system folder was missing some control panels, so I decided to wipe the disk and reload the system software. Plus this give me a blank canvas, so I can get everything how I want it.

I used Apples HD Setup to wipe the disk and started feeding in my set of System 7.5 installer disks. I saw a noticeable difference in speed, compared to the Colour Classic I loaded onto a couple of weeks ago. I would say the Colour Classic took nearly twice as long to install. I then set my mind to upgrading to System 7.5.5 as this is probably one of the most reliable systems I used to use (well I have memories of it being that way anyway). I already had a set of disk images downloaded from the Apple site for System 7.5.3, but I needed the set for System 7.5.5. I set the installer going and set off in search for the necessary equipment to download the installer for System 7.5.5.

This is where where it got interesting. I'm sure there is a easier way, but this how I did it. I took my Bondi iMac, and used it to connect the Apple site and download the software. I then connected it to a SE/30, with a built in ethernet adapter and then copied the installer to the hard disk. Then using local talk I copied the Installer to the LC475. With the amount of power cables, extension cables and network cables running across three rooms, I was lucky that my wife was away.

The final install all went to plan and I went about setting it up as I like it and loading on the application I use the most. My next job with the LC475, will be to try and get it on the internet and do some retro surfing. But first I need look at the IIci and IIcx I won in the same auction.

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Comment by James on August 21, 2008 at 9:11pm
So what is the application you use the most on the LC475? You should of taken a picture of that mess of cables and Macs!
Comment by Damian Ward on August 22, 2008 at 12:42pm
I have a old copy of QuarkXpress, which will be prefect for this machine as it fairly powerful. I have also loaded on some web browsers in preparation for when I try and start getting it online. I would love to have a old copy of Photoshop or Illustrator, but I think they are quite scarce these days.

I would have loved to of taken a picture of the cables, but my camera went away with my wife. Hopefully I might do a reconnection one day when I have to install 6.0.8 on something.


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