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Out of nowhere, I saw a listing for a PowerBook 2300c on eBay this week. I'd been regularly checking every other day or so (more exciting than waiting for a saved search email!) and the listing had about 2.5 days left so it must've been a short auction. Anyways, I won the auction. The 2300c will hopefully be on its way on Monday and in my hands before the end of next week.

I had debated a long time which machine to start my retro collection. Due to space issues, it had to be some sort of PowerBook. I had previously had a G3 Series which I know to be on the heavy side. I had considered earlier PPC models like the 5300, 1400 and 3400 but nothing really appealed about them besides the PCMCIA slot. One of my primary motivations was to have something to connect to my QuickTake 100 so a color screen was a pretty strong requirement. In the end I settled on looking for a Duo 2300c since I already had some personal connection with the model line.

While home for the holidays during my senior year of college, I managed to convince my parents that I would benefit greatly from a laptop. There was an already aging, out of box 250 (or was it a 230?) at CompUSA that we got a discounted price. I used it a little bit but the reality was I didn't really need it. After college, I used it infrequently but have some good memories. I was down in L.A. for a week and used my downtime to create my first set of Gunbuster web page. The next year I was covering Anime America for a small webzine and had my QuickTake 100 in hand for show pictures. The Duo was essential since the QT100 filled up after eight shots! You say, a laptop AND digital camera at an anime convention in 1996?! Yes, that was a moment of being on the bleeding edge.

Eventually I had some money even while paying student loans and was able to upgrade first to a used 270c and then got the PowerPC motherboard board upgrade from Apple (basically the entire bottom of the laptop was replaced). They updated 270c felt much slower than my PowerMac 6100 (thanks to no L2 cache) and the 270's 8.4" screen was just too tiny. Ultimately I sold it off along with some micro docks and wetsuit case. If only I'd kept the EtherDock!

So now I'm making a re-do of my days with the Duo series. I don't think I'll use it much but it'll certainly be fun to play around with it in my (extremely small amount of) free time. I'm not on the lookout for an EtherDock but will probably make do with Zip Drive sneakernet for the time being.

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Comment by Kathryn on October 28, 2008 at 8:18am
You'll have to put up photos after it arrives and get settled. The G3 Wallstreet is pretty heavy, but the Pismo is quit a bit lighter, much easier to carry around, and very versatile. I think the Pismo is lighter than my G4 Powerbook, or close.


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