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First off a round of my applause for my mother who, despite having children in their mid-twenties, still spoils them on Christmas. This year the center of our living room had a mountain of paper five feet high. I did get some Mac goodies.
  • Elgato eyeTV Hybrid - for watching/recording HDTV on my main Mac
  • 1gb RAM to add to my machine
  • Ion iTTUSB05 Turntable to import vinyl into Garageband

Then of course there's the other goodies...
  • 2x Wii Classic Controllers
  • 2x Wii Points Gift Cards
  • $25 B&N gift card
  • Warren Ellis - Crooked Little Vein
  • V for Vendetta Graphic Novel
  • Fahrenheit 451 (Couldn't put it down.)
  • Der Untergang (Downfall), Metalocalypse, and The Simpsons DVDs
  • Star Wars Pop-Up Book
  • Darth Vader Concept Figure
  • Domokun Plush
  • Think Geek 8-bit Tie
  • ...and others...
Then of course there are the presents I bought for myself.

  • BIOS 2.4 Sega Master System
  • Coleco Gemini (needs repair)
  • 20gb HD for the ol' iMac G3
  • Das Leben der Anderen (The Lives of Others) DVD
Did your loved ones get you something Mac related? Do share!

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Comment by James on December 26, 2007 at 5:33pm
The closest thing to being Mac-related in a Sony clock-radio with integrated iPod dock. I actually bought it several months ago but never got around to breaking it out of the box so I gave it to myself. I've put my 1st generation iPod mini in it to play pzizz tracks at bedtime. The clock radio has two separate alarms that can wake you to a buzzer, the radio (12 presets and digital tuning), or the iPod. You can even navigate the iPod menus with a remote control.

Another gift I got for myself was a Transformers Bumblebee iPod speaker. I got it from Amazon for something around $12 so even though I didn't need yet another iPod speaker, I couldn't resist.

On the gadget front, my in-laws got me a Sirius Stiletto based on a tip from my wife. Unfortunately, they didn't realize that the one to buy is the Stiletto *2* so I'll be returning the 100 for store credit to get the Stiletto 2.

I should also report that we received several Christmas donations to the RMC! Thanks to those who donated! I'll be reporting the names on the next episode.
Comment by Ken on December 26, 2007 at 6:03pm
Gravyboats. I know the pocket change I contribute is going to a good cause.


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