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This is "The Bridge," my computer work station. To the left is a WIndows 2000 machine, a Compaq iPac. My main computer in the middle is a tricked out Elixir tower running a PM 6500 mobo with a Sonnet G3, Rage 128, ethernet and USB. To the right is my most modern machine, an iBook SE running OS X that I use for podcasts (guess which is my favorite!) and music. Also visible are the Seagate external drives on both of the Macs. The black flat panel screens are by Dell and each machine has identical black Compaq keyboards and mice.

The curio in the photograph contains my miniature spacecraft collection, with a detailed globe of the moon on top.

In another photo on my page is an extended view of The Bridge. In that photo, the 68K work station can be seen just to the left of the curio. Various Macs sit there, including my Classic "Mycroft" depending on the project of the moment. Also on The Bridge, not visible just behind the back of the couch, is the Duo 2300 station. That unit, possibly, will move to my office in the near future, however. That will open a space for another 68K station.

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