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One of the unfortunate truths of my part-time job is that I have to put older Macs out to pasture. Right now I'm installing 10.4 on a G3 400 Mhz Graphite iMac that was used by one of my professors. She still was using OS 9.2 up until last week. After all the data is wiped clean this machine will most likely sit in a corner until it is consigned to the disposal facility across the street. It costs the university money to dispose of this "obsolete" machine. It would make more sense and cents to sell this "junk" to students who can find uses for them. A crying shame really, because this iMac is cosmetically perfect and works like a charm.


I don't really have to wait for the 10.4 installer to check the disk, because I've used it hundreds of times before. I'm just humoring an old Mac before its last install. I'm also getting paid to write this bit while it chugs away.

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