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Starting an iPod collection and other things....

Since my last entry, I've officially started my iPod collection.

I already have a G1 Shuffle 1Gb which I use for listening to RMC and transferring work files. I had also brought my wife a Pink G1 Mini back when they were new. But now, I've started in ernest. since Christmas I have managed to get hold of:
  • G1 iPod 5Gb (in transit from USA)
  • G2 iPod 10Gb in fantastic condition except for the dead battery
  • G3 iPod 15/20Gb (HDD was upgraded)

In the meantime, I managed to bag a box full of SCSI and ADB cables. Knowing the guy who gave it to me, there is probably a few nice goodies when I get to the bottom of the box. Last time I got a box of gear from him I found a complete DaynaFile SCSI floppy drive with power supply in the bottom of the box. Only have to find the drivers for this now....

Also recently got a nice little LaserWriter 4/600PS in great nick and a Blueberry slot load iMac 350. Not many slot loaders to go now. But they will be harder to get (ie Tangerine, Sage, Flowerpower and Dalmation).

Another blast from the past showed up: a Matrox Millenium II PCI video card which will go very nicely in one of the Apple Network Servers. These are great to get the ANS running an X desktop under Linux.

The collection room is getting a little better organised. I can now move around in it again! I'm managing to find homes for some of my spare machines, and had lot a few local requests for spare parts which has clear some room.

My next task is to get my Apple ][ section cleaned up and back into a fit state for some photo!



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