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Leaking capacitors and MacIP routing....

Of course these things have nothing in common, other that they are both issues I have been dealing with in the last 24 hours.

First for the good news:

I got my Quadra 950 back up and running as a Ethernet to Appletalk router! So now, all my ethernet deprived Macs can get the internet via the MacIP protocol (routed using IPNetrouter) and can share my Xserve's files (routed via Localtalk Bridge).

For giggles, I need to get my Mac512 up and running with Mosaic and Ircle when we're all next chatting...

Now for the bad news:

I got out my Mac IIcx today to test some Portrait Monitors and Two Page Displays that are taking up space.
Not good - it wouldn't power up. When I disassembled it, while the board looked really clean, a close inspection reveals that the capacitors have leaked. I suspect this has probably happened to a number of my older Macs from that era. There are a lot of posts at the 68k Mac Liberation Army about replacing them which inspires some confidence.

So I now have several major tasks on my retro collection do to list:

1). Archive all floppy and HDD based software to DVD (I'm rapidly running out of time on this)
2). Replace all capacitors in early Macs focusing on those showing damage (as above)
3). Get all the machines back into operational condition and network them up
4). Have a go at bleaching some of the more yellowed plastics

If anyone (preferable within Australia) is handy at replacing capacitors - let me know. I'd happily pay to get it done properly!!

Regards to all,


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