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RetroMacCast on location at the OWC Computer Expo

After seeing me in our local paper when I was interviewed about my computer collection, the organizers for our local computer expo contacted me about representing the Macintosh for them. John has joined me and we are now sitting at our booth at the expo. Thankfully, we have internet access here so I'll be able to keep myself busy. Early indications suggest attendance will be low. In fact, looking around I see only two other booths. One is a local computer club and the other is a friend of John's who as a computer support business specializing primarily in Macs (of course). I guess you could say that so far, this is the OWC Macintosh Expo!

John and I will be presenting at a session this afternoon. The title of our presentation is "Why Mac?". It is an hour-long session where we'll attempt to extol the virtues of the Mac and offer some time to purchasing and getting help. My hope is that there will be more people in the audience than on the stage.

Our booth is a couple of tables with a handful of Macs. John brought a Mac SE and he has it loaded with a HyperCard stack showing some Apple history. I've got my iBook-G4 connected to an external 22" LCD, and it is playing a loop of "Get a Mac" ads. I also grabbed a Mac Portable and a PowerBook 100 because they were easy to grab and toss in the trunk. Hanging above our tables is an original Apple vinyl banner I purchased about ten years ago. I haven't had it on the wall since it hung above my desk before I moved to my current house. I'll take some pictures of our sweet setup and post them here.

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