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The morning started off slow, but things definitely picked up by mid morning and it was hopping into the afternoon. Many people stopped by to see the Mac relics we had on display, but quite a few came by to find out about Macs as an option for them. By the time we had our session in the afternoon, we had gathered a full room of interested expo attendees. I'm guessing we had at least 50 people listening to our presentation. It went very well and I recorded the audio. I'm going to attempt to match it to the slides and then upload it as a movie.

When John and I were talking this morning, I told him the whole day would be worthwhile if I were able to connect with one person and get them on the road to enjoyable computing on a Macintosh. I believe we convinced many, but there was one person in particular who made my day. Tom stopped by to learn about the Macintosh and believe it or not, he has never owned a computer! Tom's brother-in-law recommended he get a Mac, but Tom wasn't convinced and was seeking more information. I gladly spent close to an hour all told explaining to Tom everything from the basics of how computers work (RAM, hard drives, etc) to the virtues of the Macintosh, the wonderful user community, podcasts, and many other topics. He is now convinced a MacBook Pro is what he needs and I'm very excited for him. I can't wait to receive an e-mail from Tom and have a video iChat with him to check on his progress.

I think we'll be back next year!

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Comment by Wholly Mindless on January 26, 2008 at 10:20pm
Awesome! It sounds like your position in Mac Heaven is assured... (grin)


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