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Just wanted to let everyone know I'm still here! Things have been a little busy on my end, I know it's been a little while since I last posted.

I got the Apple IIe that I was planning on. It's a little dirty after many years of storage in a garage, so I'm going to have to put some elbow grease into cleaning it up. I'm also not sure where I'm going to put it! lol!! Currently the TAM is just setting on my dinning table, and if you've seen the pictures of my desk since I got the 22" Cinema Display, you'll know I have little room left there!

Can't remember if I posted about using the Lisa Emulator, but it's got me to thinking about other emulator programs. If the Apple IIe doesn't work for some reason, I think I may try to get the IIe emulator that James & John talked about on the show.

Like a lot of other people, I'm waiting to get my hands on an iPad!! No, I haven't had a chance to buy one yet. :-( It's a money thing. I only take home about $280.00 a week. I also have a couple other financial things I need to take care of right now. So no iPad for me at the moment. But I will get one, I'm hoping by the end of Summer. Maybe by that time if there are any bugs, they will be worked out by then, and maybe Apple might lower the price like on the iPhone???? I've already been to Best Buy twice to play with their display models. Our Best Buy here in Springfield, Missouri has 4 iPads on display, I haven't went to Database Systems yet. I'm on vacation all this week, so I'm sure I'll make it to one, or the other at least once!! :-) :-)

Well, that's about all that's going on in my Apple life right now! Just wanted to get a update out there. I'll be writing more soon, I'd like to do a post just about my thoughts on the iPad. I'll try to get that out here in the next week!

Have fun everyone, and keep Macing!! :-) :-)

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