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Sunday was a fun day, got a 6400 mobo, w/ sonnet g3, usb, and other goodies. Installer for g3 on floppy. Surprise, 6400 (os 8.5) won't read it. On to 9500 (os 9.1), it won't read it either. Next to LCIII (7.5.5). It sees it!!! now to find appletalk cable. Won't reach from LCIII to 6400!!! Will reach to 9500. Now to rack my brain on how to setup users and groups and shared folders, etc.. Finally from LCIII to 9500, switch cable, 9500 to 6400. Run installer, reset PRAM and cuda. Yeah!! 6400 w/ G3 400 136 M RAM is alive. Total time elapsed 1 hour. Waiting now for the 6500 to arrive.

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