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How easy is it to program nowadays? When we were young, we used to be able to sit down and type on the Apple II:
HGR HCOLOR = 3 HPLOT 0, 0 to 279, 159 The code above will draw a white line. But no longer. Programming has become a science, where you need to be a rocket scientist to just to do something simple! So I decided to do something about it. I created
GScript BASIC for Applesoft BASIC programmers. Unlike in the past, the programmer can now assume an Apple IIGS running in a modern web browser like Safari or Firefox, with 640x400 Super Hires screen! You can now do this:
hgr hcolor = 15 hplot 0, 0 to 639, 319 The code will draw a white line! See the similarity? This is Applesoft BASIC, recreated for the web! A better example:
hgr for i = 0 to 31 { hcolor = i % 15 + 1 hplot i * 20, 0 to 0, 400 - i * 12.5 hplot i * 20, 0 to 639, i * 12.5 hplot 640 - i * 20, 399 to 639, i * 12.5 hplot 640 - i * 20, 399 to 0, 400 - i * 12.5 }
GScript BASIC supports both Super Hires (640x400) and Lores (40x40) graphics. So the next question is: how do I run GScript BASIC? Go to the
GScript BASIC site and key in a script name (or URL to a script you provided).
GScript BASIC can also run on iPhone and iPod touch.

GScript BASIC can run directly in Safari, Firefox and Google Chrome with a simple HTML enclosure. Programming is supposed to be both easy and fun, and this is the spirit of Apple II.
Apple II Forever!

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