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So I got another Mac. This replaces Donald as my main machine, who has been temporarily been cast aside, but I have several plans for him.

Big Mac is a Power Mac G4 Quicksilver. 733 MHz. I've done the Open Firmware diddle to get Leopard running on him, and given him a nice 768MB of RAM to run with, and there's a USB 2.0 PCI card on the way as I write, though its arrival has been delayed by the volcanic ash cloud.

I have the typical 'new computer' reaction: WOW, it's so fast! I can fit more than one window on the screen at once (with the 17" monitor I have)! At last, all that software that requires a G4 will actually run!

Now, though, I have a problem: I can't work out how to eject the drive tray under Leopard. When I was running Tiger, I just held down the eject key, but under Leopard that does nothing; I have go into Disk Utility to eject it. Now I have discovered a hidden menulet which I can pull down to select the drive from to eject. (for those with a similar affliction, it's in /System/Library/CoreServices/Menu Extras/; just double-click to put it up there.) If any reader knows how to fix this and re-activate the media eject key, please email me or leave a comment (ugh.)

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