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Collection moving into the (almost) new era

Hi all,

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year.

I've been so busy with work since October, I haven't had a chance to post. But that doesn't mean that I haven't been collecting!

Since October I've been rapid catching up with the modern era...

iPhone - OK, so I'm a little late into this party, but I love my iPhone 3G 8Gb. I'm managed to convince my boss and General Manager to get one too - and they love them (not bad for a strictly PC/Blueberry company).

Apple TV - Splashed out and got a second hand Apple TV rev 1. 40Gb. Quickly had it hacked to play back my AVI collection etc. So much better than my old Elgato EyeHome which recently failed - sparking this purchase.

PowerMac G5 - My G4 Cube (1GHz) finally got replaced as my main computing machine with a shiny G5 PowerMac DP2.0GHz 2Gb/1Tb/DVD-RW machine (only cost AUD$500!).

What a difference to a G4 Cube! Apart from occupying most of my workstation, it screams (fast).

Despite the bad press, it is not much noisier than the Cube (which had upgraded video with fan and a base fan installed).

Moved my Elgato EyeTV410 from the G4 Xserve to the G5 and am also getting back into editing my family home movies (so much space on a 1Tb drive!).

That's it for me.


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