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After some overseas travel, busy family filled weekends and a lingering cold, I found a couple of hours tonight to start cleaning up the 2300c. It's hard to believe it's been about two months since I won the auction and it arrived!

For cleanup, I used a combination of electronics cleaning wipes, Q-Tips and some rubbing alcohol. Since it's just the exterior I was dealing with, I was mostly concerned about drying out the plastics with too much alcohol content. The pieces weren't in too bad of shape, though the rubber feed on the power adapter, add-on charger and the PowerBook itself were all in various states of decay. The add-on charger module's feet were particularly bad and little more than shaped tacky goo. I scraped them out but need to do another pass later. The 2300c's rear feed were on their way to that fate and I removed them as a preventive measure. The power adapter's feed were the most solid but I know their days are numbered. Everything else looked more or less ok after some cleaning. I'll have to post pictures on another night.

Between receiving the 2300c and now, I managed to acquire an E-Machines EtherDock. Duo Mini-Docks with ethernet built in are pretty rare so I grabbed while I could. It looked in good shape but has some white paint spots on it. At least its rubber feet don't feel mushy and sticky. I tried booting the Duo with the EtherDock connected but some conflict between the two is causing a lockup during startup. My initial thought was that maybe OpenTransport was conflicting since the dock predates it and PowerPC machines but event disabling what looks like all networking Extensions and Control Panels doesn't help. Only an "Extensions Off" boot survives to the desktop when the EtherDock is connected. Anyone have any experience with the E-Machines EtherDock? I've added extensions debugging with the dock on my to-do list.

Last note on the 2300c for today: I'll have to track down a SCSI cable. I'm don't remember if one was included in the box or not but there wasn't one to go with the Zip Drive when I was going through everything cleaning. Until I find the SCSI cable, I'm going to see if I can use a floppy to move files over, starting with SpeedDoubler 8. Mac OS 8.1 doesn't feel too bad on the 2300c but then again I've not done much beyond SimpleText and some test pages in Netscape 3. After SpeedDoubler, I'll be moving onto QuickTake software and see if I can take and retrieve some QuickTake pictures.

If anyone has suggestions on the E-Machines EtherDock, please post a reply. Cheers!

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