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G3 Update 2 and sone rants and other things

some of the new things that i have done to my G3:

1) added a 18GB hard drive and a 800MB hard drive to it.

the next thing that i hope to get is an adapter for my Quadra 660av so can network it with my G3, I'm going to need one of those AAUI transceivers so i can use Ethernet, but hear is the catch. my mom is one of those people that didn't want me to have a computer in the first place. but three computers later she said I could (maybe fourth one is in order now). i made a post on Applefritter that I am going to need one of these and someone said that they could send one to me for the cost of the envelope. I'm going to pay for it. BUT my mom said that i could by it (because she said so). so now i have to find someone that will send one to me for free.

one more thing. is there a place that i can find a free copy of AppleShare IP 5.0.2 or 6.3.3

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