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If you've looked at my photo gallery here on the Retro MacCast site, then you've seen that I have one of the 22" original acrylic framed Cinema Displays!  I bought it last year, and have loved it ever since hooking it up.  The only problem has been that it's not the display I thought I'd bought!  I thought I was buying the 23" High Definition version of the display I ended up with.  I got it at a great price: 22" Cinema Display, matching 15" Studio Display, and the ADC to DVI adapter all for $225.  I liked it a lot, only wished it was HD, so I kept it, and have loved it!!


Well I was searching on Craigslist the first of this week, and I found one of the 23" HD Cinema Displays here in town for $200!  I emailed him, explained the purchase I'd made last year, and asked him what his bottom dollar would be?  He emailed me back, and said if I picked it up this week he'd take $150 for it!!!!  :-)  :-)  :-)  :-)


So I replied that I'd like to take it, but couldn't pay for it till Friday, so he's going to hold it for me!!  I'm going to call him tomorrow to see what's the earliest I can go pick it up Friday morning.  I'd like to hook it up, and test it out before I have to go to work.  I'd also like to take a few pics, and add them to my page here!!  I wish I had the ability to hook them both up to my iMac at the same time, but sadly I only have one video out.  :-(  :-(    Too bad I don't have one of the new iMacs with dual Thunderbolt ports, and another ADC to DVI & 2 DVI to Mini Display Port Adapters!!!!  What in the world would I do running 3 displays with a total of 69" of screen real estate!!


I'll have pics as soon as I can, keep watching!!


UPDATE #1:  I did get the Cinema Display yesterday!!  Just haven't had a chance to take any pics of it yet.  I won't be able to until tonight, or tomorrow.  I will post them Sunday, sorry but I'm not sure what time.  Just check back when you can, they will be there before the end of the evening though.  Thanks everyone!!  :-)  :-)

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Comment by James on June 25, 2011 at 9:20am
Those displays are beautiful indeed.  I only have the 15" and 17" displays.  As much as I'd love a 22" or 23", I'm afraid I have no more desk space.
Comment by Franklin Johnson on June 25, 2011 at 12:52pm
I understand James!  I'd love to be able to have both the 23, and 22" Displays hooked up to my iMac, but where would I but it??  Ahh, maybe one day when I get a Mac Pro, or a G5!!  I'm thinking of selling the 15" one, but I'm holding on to the 22".


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