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Getting Grackle 68k working on my Macintosh Plus 1mb

After listening to Episode 140 of RMC, I was inspired by Nathan's request for someone to get Grackle68k working on a 1mb machine.

So, I dug out my very first mac, my old Mac plus, with external hard drive, and Asante EN/SC SCSI ethernet adapter. I formatted the hard drive, and reloaded System 6.0.8 on it. The old installation was all gummed up with my old inits, and with less than 128k of free RAM available.

After reloading System 6, I put Grackle68k on a floppy using my Powerbook 540c hooked to my EEE PC 1000H as an intermediary. I put the disk in my drive, and copied it to my hard drive, and exicuted it. It needs at least 384k available, and I have more than 512k free.

Unfortunately, it must not run under System 6. I got a error, but with continue and restart buttons. So, I ran it again, and it crashed with an unknown error (2), and froze the whole machine.

So now, I need to load System 7 on the drive. I will be using System 7.0.1 with the tune up, if I can find the 800k images.

Watch this space, I should have it running soon. I will soon be tweeting on a 1mb mac from 1986!! (actually earlier, since my Plus is an upgraded 128k/512k with the old style faceplate.)

Oh, watch I already tweeted on my Powerbook 540c. It's only a matter of time now...

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Comment by LaurentB on November 18, 2009 at 9:25pm
Congrats !
I didn't do it on my Mac Plus, but my Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh is tweeting

Let's tweet away on retro Mac, and get this thread going. Next, I'm gonna do LC III, and probably SE 30
Comment by Leo Titus LeBron V on November 18, 2009 at 9:28pm
Ok, I just came to the sad realization that I may not be able to get 7.0.1 running on the plus. 7.0 was made on 800k images, but 7.0.1 was high density only.

Unless my old SCSI Apple CD caddy load can read a burned CD with the images, I will be stuck at 7.0. The hard drive I am using is the HD-20, the non SCSI one that plugs into the floppy port. Maybe my Classic I can help, it has a HD drive and a floppy port...

7.0 might be enough though. I will give it a shot.


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