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How is everyone??!! It's the day before Memorial Day, and I'm just relaxing at home! Got the day off tomorrow, so I get one of those rare 2-day weekends!! In retail if you don't ask for a weekend off as vacation time, you usually don't get many off them. I get maybe 4 weekends off a year with out having to use some of my 3 weeks of vacation time. If only I'd win the lottery, of The Associated Press would just offer me that photographer position already!! LOL :-D :-D

Any way, I still haven't set up the Apple IIe yet. It's going to take a lot of cleaning, and I'm not sure that there isn't a little bit of damage to some of the circuits inside the case. I saw some stuff that looked bent, but still connected to the board. I may have to find some replacement parts to get it working right, but there seems to be a lot of Apple II stuff on the web, so that might be easier than I might otherwise think. It's probably going to turn into a long term project! I kinda wanted to build my own Apple computer, I guess a rebuild would do!! If any of you know a good resource of info for how to rebuild an Apple IIe please let me know. Or if you just have Steve Wozniak's personal technical support number, I would be grateful if you passed that info on!! LOL

Well got to go, see you all latter, and have a great Memorial Day Weekend!!

Keep Macing everyone!! :-) :-)

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