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I found a listing on Craig's list for an original 1984 Mac that I might be interested in. When I asked about the condition I got this response.

"Well I can tell you for sure that the screen does not come on. It turns on and make the sounds like it is searching for a disk but the screen does not light up. There is a spot for a battery that goes in the back but I do not have that type of battery. It is a 4 volt that looks just like a "AA" battery. I think that it only runs the clock for the computer if I remember correctly. It appears to be in very good shape beyond the fact that it does not turn on. I have all of the original boxes and packaging that it is still stored in. I have the printer, external numeric keyboard, mouse, and regular keyboard as well."

I would be interested in your thoughts about this. What would it take to fix? What should I pay for it? I don't have a lot of experience so I would not buy it unless I have a reasonable chance of getting it working.

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