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Long time listener, 1st time poster! Just wanted to say hello to everyone. It's great to know that I am not the only guy around who loves obsolete old computer hardware! I had a IIcx for a couple years that i bought from my brother-in-law. I was using it with a 28.8 modem to access AOL and had a riot! I was hooked. About a year later, I helped my mother-in-law buy a brand new performa 630CD at a BestBuy store. She used it for awhile, then bailed on the mac for an IBM. So, I got to upgrade to the performa! I wound up using that until about 1999 I think, when I bought my first new mac, a nice blue 350mhz imac. (kept the performa and IIcx, of course!) Then a few years later, I bought the Ist gen intel imac. In the meantime, a friend found a stash of about 7 various power macs in a dumpster where he was working doing janitor work, and gave them all to me, because he knew i was a mac geek! I added my macs i already had, and started my collection in earnest! Now I have several of them set up in the basement, networked so my son and his cousins and i can play marathon, abuse, and swap homemade wolfenstein maps back and forth to each other. I am into making the computers the way they were when they were new, not upgrading them other than more ram, or larger drives. I spent a few hours restoring the software on my 7200/120 PC to make it run windows just like it did when it was new. Fun project! Current Collection---- IICX, Performa 630CD, 7200/120PC, Beige G3-233, G3-350 imac, G3-400 imac, 1GHZ G4 Emac, and a Ist gen 17" intel imac. Also, my recent ebay purchases are on their way, a powermac 6400 tower, and 2 performa 6360's.
James and John, great podcast, keep up the good work, and hello to all my fellow mac geeks!

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