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Hello, been listening to the retromaccast for a couple of months now, thought I'd finally join up. I also listen to the Mactalk Australia podcast and Mac OS Ken on a regular basis. (via an iPhone in a windshield mount holder in the car on the way to work)

I unfortunately gave away my Mac Plus and Apple II in appox. 2000, didn't see the point in keeping the Apple due to emulators and the Mac Plus, well the Classic II does so much more in a similar form factor. I really should have kept it though.

My first mac was the Mac Plus, bought from someone in high school for $4 inc external SCSI drive. I liked it, but as you'd know, the 1996-1999 era was not a great time for the Mac OS; I made fun of the Power PC machines at school, their constant lockups, 'an unexpected error has occured' etc. I could see the benefits of the Mac of course, but there were many downsides so I never owned a current machine.

So I went into PC's, and overclocking, building dual CPU systems and generally wasting money on pointless things but it was fun. I still kept the Plus and a Classic II or two around the place and used them as well... I would always show people where the Mac was all that time ago, and would regularly pick up Classics from school and garage sales (yard sales) do a fresh load and load them with abandon ware and give to friends and relatives. So despite my being against the current direction of Macs and the Mac OS in the mid-late 90's, I was still an advocate of their earlier accomplishments. I was still in high school at this time.

I ended up working in a PC store for 5 years, building, diagnosing and troubleshooting PC things, and as it was a smaller outfit much retail sales and customer service. I didn't mind this at all really at the time, but this gives a wonderful perspective from which to appreciate the current Mac / OS X situation. :)

I then left and worked at a music store, we also built custom Audio PC's for music production, and were an Apple reseller. OS X was quite attractive to me at this point, but very sluggish compared to XP. This would have been 2000-2005 I guess. The G4 iMac, lovely machine as it was, was incredibly slow compared to a much cheaper intel machine, and for audio production where real time processing was paramount, it wasn't a great option. G5's were fast enough, but I saw a number of reliability issues and combined with high pricing didn't entice me to own one myself. After all, I'd need a Mac AND a PC to run all the software I wished, and if I purchased a Mac I couldn't also afford a PC.

Ok so I started to have more and more interest in current Macs, and then the Intel announcement happened. I used to watch the WWDC/Macworld keynotes years ago, and did so again for the first time, and watched a lot of the older ones too.

I did the hackintosh thing, getting my P4 to be a mac, but didn't have proper video drivers and it wasn't the real mac experience, too much troubleshooting/fixing little issues.

I bought a second hand 700mhz eMac, to play with from eBay, put in a 120GB drive, Pioneer burner, loaded Tiger, and that machine somehow became my daily computer... somehow. My P4 just sat collecting dust. So I sold it, and some other things, and bought a 20" iMac. Then I bought a second hand G3 900 iBook, then I sold the both of them and got a 24" iMac and a friends 1.5ghz 12" G4 Powerbook, a most excellent machine. Had a slotload FW iMac G3 for a bit. Then sold those and got a MBP 17" 1920x1200 2.4 4GB 250GB... then sold that for a 1.6 Macbook Air first gen, then sold that for a late 2008 Alu Macbook base model.

I've been slowly rebuilding a collection when I find things cheaply enough.

Currently have:
2x Beige G3's, with SCSI and USB & firewire, ADB, ethernet and floppy, these are awesome 'crossover' machines, they can run Tiger (xpostfacto or modded tiger install cds) or OS9... so great for getting data on and off old machines.
Black 5500/250
4x Classics
3x Classic II's
Quadra 840AV
Lime trayload iMac G3
2008 Alu Macbook
20" Alu iMac
Powerbook Duo 210
Powerbook 240
Powermac G5, 2GB ram, 2x 1TB HD (media center use)
2x 16GB iPhones
20GB U2 iPod
Gigabit Airport Extreme

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