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shortly after I started collecting retro Macs, I got busy with a full time job, then I changed jobs and well, the macs kinda got forgotten in the back bedroom. I finally pulled out a few of the earliest ones this past weekend, and have some good news - I got a few of them working again.  

1x 512k w/ 400K disk now boots and fully functional

1x Mac Plus was acquired somewhere along the line and it did work at one time, but now the analog board is displaying some bad solder issues, so I pulled the plus board and put it in a 2nd 512k I had, so now I have an upgraded 512k with 4 meg of memory

can anyone recommend a source for recap kits, or someone that will do the work for a reasonable price ?

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Comment by Alexander Kaltsas on June 6, 2014 at 1:01pm

Used to be a guy who went by the handle phreakout over at that did recaps. But that was years ago last time actively browsed around over there. Might poke around see if he's still alive.


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