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Listening to the Podcast Retrospectively.

Hi all, I am a very recent joiner.  Very happy to be here.

I just wanted to tell you of my experience in listening and enjoying the Retromaccast.

I am a Retro computer enthusiast and have a small collection however I have never collected any

thing Mac related before.  I am a Commodore fan (dont hate me) and a fan of the other 8 bits from the UK

(Amstrad/Spectrum and the like).

I did however cut my teeth way back in primary school on an Apple II.


About a year ago after catching up on the Retrobits Podcast, Earl Evans mentioned the Retromaccast.

I then added it to my podcast list and was suprised to see what was about 200 ish episodes at the time.


Since then I have been catching up and have now listened to all 261 episodes.  The absolute best part of

listening to the old podcasts is listening to James and John talk about the rumours and such for upcoming products.


Their reporting of the rumours announcing thinks like the Macbook Air/Iphone releases/IPODS and the IPAD

especially were great to listen to.  It was just great to hear (knowing what was coming) what the industry was

predicting and how close or not so close they were to guessing what apple was going to announce.


Statements like "Something is in the Air" a week out from Announcing the Macbook Air for instance and then James and John attempting to guess what that statement meant.... Great stuff.


Thanks and I hope to contribute more in the Future


P.S.  Since starting to listen to the RMC I now have 5 Macs.....thanks?



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Comment by davekill on October 26, 2012 at 6:01pm
Commodore certainly had its time in the sun!
I've always wanted an Amiga 4000 with a video toaster.


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