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MacHEADS is now available on Amazon VOD

MacHEADS the Movie on Amazon VOD

Brooklyn New York, January 26, 2009, -- Chimp 65 productions has announced that their documentary film “MacHEADS The Movie” ( is available for purchase on Amazon VOD.

MacHEADS is an in-depth examination of what makes the Mac, the iPhone, and all Apple products in general a cultural phenomena rather than just consumer electronics, and explores the extraordinary loyalty to Apple products by their followers, as well as their obsession with those products. The film features footage captured from Steve Jobs' historic Keynote address when he announced the iPhone in 2007, the first iPhone release as it took place in New York City, as well as archived footage from some of the earliest Macworld events.

MacHEADS debuted at Macworld Expo 2009 with over 1000 people attending the premiere. In an interview for BBC director Kobi Shely added, "The movie explores everything from the early days to the current days. Central to the success of the Mac has been the community that has supported Apple through the good times and the bad. That included the years when the company was written off as having lost its way and the ink on one of its many obituaries was all but dry"

The film also features footage and commentary from multiple Mac evangelists, including Apple Chief Evangelist and savior Guy Kawasaki; the first official employee of Apple inc., Daniel Kottke; publisher of the first Apple newsletter Adam Engst; author of Cult of Mac, Leander Kaheny; Chicago Sun-Times tech columnist Andy Ihantko; and a special guest appearance by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak.

Read what the press have to say about MacHEADs The Movie:

• "MacHEADS " is a superb film that will give Apple haters a few cheap laughs, and Apple fans a few cheap thrills. But it'll entertain both equally, while educating everybody

• Imagine a documentary about the Apple fanatics. Think Trekies meet the Mac.
Kobi Shely's MacHeads is that movie. The film takes a look at some of the
fascinating characters that make up the Macintosh community" - /film.

• "MacHEADS” is a fun film full of crazies, vintage Mac clips and a little insight into a community that appears to be on the verge of extinction…My favourite footage is from a Mac repair shop, with poignant scenes of mournful Mac users stroking their old, broken Apple computers like pet owners at the vets… Four Stars”
PC Advisor

• "MacHEADS” is an entertaining look at the community of Mac users”.
ARS Technica

• "What is it about Apple products and the Mac in particular that inspires a fanatical, almost religious devotion among users? Kobi Shely and a band of documentary filmmakers went out seeking answers.” The Sydney Morning Herald

Please Visit Amazon VOD

The price is $9.99

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