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MacHEADS The Movie, a documentary by Filmmakers brothers Kobi and Ron Shely, explores the quirky world of Mac fandom. The movie is now available on Hulu! The independent film is currently number one most popular feature movie on all channels! “This is a remarkable achievement for our small production company, we hope the movie will inspire other International filmmakers and encourage them to produce and distribute their films through new media channels. Now more than ever it is possible to make a movie and get distribution to new audience all across the world” Says producer and director Kobi Shely. “In an interview for Gizmodo almot 16 months ago I said that MacHEADS has the potential to prove the digital independent distribution potentiala, today I can say that we lived up to that promise” Said producer and writer Ron Shely. MacHEADS, a user-driven documentary both celebrates and questions the genius of Apple computers and the company’s direction under founder Steve Jobs. Highlights include classic footage of the earliest Apples, a trip to several Macintosh museums and interviews with Mac die-hards like sex columnist Violet Blue, who declares she’s never knowingly slept with a Windows user. 10 months after a successful launch on iTunes store in the US, hitting #2 best seller, MacHEADS gains new audience all around the world. The film is playing both on digital platform and traditional TV in Canada, The UK, North Africa, The Middle East and soon will be featured in East Europe and Japan. The DVD is available for world distribution. Read what the press have to say about MacHEADs The Movie: • “Ultimately, this is a story of lost innocence. Even as the community celebrated the return of Steve Jobs — their prodigal son and savior — it was being undermined by the Web (which obviated the need for local user groups) and a grown-up company that no longer required a fanatical user base to achieve financial success. Apple fans will find much to love in this film. Windows users may find their prejudices confirmed.” CNNmoney,com • “What is it about Apple products and the Mac in particular that inspires a fanatical, almost religious devotion among users? Kobi Shely and a band of documentary filmmakers went out seeking answers.” The Sydney Morning Herald • “MacHEADS is a fun film with more screwballs than a Mighty Mouse factory, vintage Mac clips and an insight into a community that appears to be on the verge of extinction…There’s a great documentary to be made about the history of Apple, its sudden rise, near death and resurrection. MacHEADS is not it, but its focus on the weird world of the devotee makes it a wonderful social document in the history of people’s computing” Macworld UK • “MacHEADS is a superb film that will give Apple haters a few cheap laughs, and Apple fans a few cheap thrills. But it’ll entertain both equally, while educating everybody” CNET UK • “MacHEADS does an excellent job of portraying the Mac community in all its oddball glory” Baltimore Sun

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