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Macintosh Compact All-in-one Computers

One of the challenges we collectors of Apple face is deciding on a particular direction for our collection- oftentimes we find ourselves grabbing Apple things that tickle our fancy at the time without a clear path, at least I know I have.

One clear direction is building a collection of Macintosh Compact all-in-ones, but even then there are potentially 50 different all-in-one machines. And while that would be one cool collection, for must of us, we have display space and disposable money constraints.

If you like Apple's all-in-one machines, then one idea is to define the collection to the older compact, beige boxy units.

I know most everyone in our community here is very familiar with these little machines, but there is a whole new group of Apple fans (I call them the iPod, iPhone and iPad generation) I've written a blog post for over at MyFavoriteApple- my Apple collecting notebook. And if you are interested, then I'd love for you to come visit. Comments on the all-in-one post, or any other post there are welcome.


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Comment by John on January 25, 2014 at 10:57pm

Very nice article!


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