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My Collection gets a little bit bigger. And repair project.

After about a year I finally bought 3 new mac's (in the list NEW ADDITION).

1 Powerbook 140 (the trackball won't work), 1 PowerBook 190 (everything is okay) and a PowerBook 190cs (hard drive missing and screws are missing. On some picture fully disassembled.)

My new project is to try to fix them.

The 140 could be easy to fix and let's hope it's just dirt and not completely broken,
The 190cs was untested because the hard drive is missing. I hope I just have to replace some screws, add a new hard drive and install the system.

Replacing caps wouldn't also no problem for me. I never did this but I get professional help.


6 iMac G3's. (different generations)
1 iBook clameshell
1 PowerBook 140 NEW ADDITION
1 PowerBook 190. NEW ADDITION
1 PowerBook 190cs. NEW ADDITION
1 PowerBook 5300c
1 PowerBook G4 (aluminum 15" 1.25 GHz)
1 eMac
1 iMac G5


1 Original iPhone
1 iPod touch 2nd gen (8gb)
1 iPod touch 4th gen (8gb)
1 iPod shuffle 1st gen
1 iPod shuffle 2nd gen
1 iPod shuffle 4th gen
1 iPad mini (16gb)

iPhone 4 dummy
Apple Airport Extreme (2nd gen)
Apple TV (3rd gen)

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