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October 2011- One heck of an Apple month for me

The month of October 2011 has drained me. Apple on my mind about everyday one way or another.


Our world got rocked two weeks ago when Steve died. While it was obvious he was very sick, it caught me off guard. The day he died I was playing tennis and when I was driving home I checked my phone. My wife had texted me "Steve Jobs has died."  I got home a few minutes later and just sat there balling like a baby. It was the weirdest thing- I never even met the man and felt like I lost my best friend. My friends over on Facebook make fun because of all my Steve and Apple related posts. Interesting too was later that night several of my Facebook friends posted condolences to ME over Steve's I was part of his family. It was weird but they knew he was my hero (I'm a grown man, mind you).


After several months of being inactive on the vintage Apple collectibles I'm back at it. I think Steve's death reconnected me emotionally with Apple memorabilia. I've added another cool vintage directors chair, a 10 year employee recognition Bulova watch and even found the guy's name in the So Far Book. He was working at Apple at least from 1986 to the date on the watch's box of Sept. 1996. Grabbed some more old T-shirts, three vintage Apple coffee mugs and a 1982 Annual Report!


I got the new iPhone 4S. Even though I had the 4 I wanted a better camera and Siri. I'm pleased will all aspects, except the battery life. I also replaced my old MacBook Pro (1997) with the new one. I love it. I got the 15" instead of the 17 like I had. 


All and all it has been a very Apple month and one I'll never forget.

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