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The number of available gigabytes on my Mac keeps dwindling thanks to how easy it is to process photos on a Mac. I had to spring for an external NAS (1 terabyte mirrored RAID), but I still hover around 20gb on my main machine.

An abandoned Ford truck found in a barn in La Grange, Wisconsin. A coworker gave me a tip on how to find this one.

A massive ornate wheel on a refrigeration generator. Found in an abandoned factory in National City, Illinois just north of East St. Louis.

Graffiti found on the rear of the abandoned Murphy building in East St. Louis.

A billboard for the Peter Hauptmann Company in East St. Louis, Illinois. Advertisers don't bother putting up billboards in East St. Louis because the average median income per household is ~$26,000.

"Dog" is a homeless veteran living in the shadow of the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Missouri. There was a sizable number of veterans in this park.

A cross on the floor of an abandoned farmhouse in Janesville, WI.

An abandoned cherry red Volkswagen Beetle on an abandoned farm in Brodhead, WI.

If you want to see more please visit American Urbex or my Flickr stream.

Thanks for looking!

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