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PowerBook 250 Duo and LaserWriter 16/600

Just picked up for the princely sum of AU$5.51 a PowerBook 250 Duo, albeit the LCD is cracked and a few other bits and pieces, and a LaserWriter 16/600

* PowerBook 250
* Power supply
* User Guide
* Floppy Drive (with adapter)
* FOCUS SCSI Dock and HDI SCSI Dock Adapter
* SCSI Zip Drive
* SCSI/Link-T (RJ45) adapter (with driver disk) by DaynaPORT (Model DP0801)
* Apple Power supply for M5409, M5416, M1506, M3050, & M3052
* Type3 & Type2 batteries (supposedly dead)

Although it doesn't have the original installation media, they threw in 2 sets of System 7.0.1 Installation Disks (in folders) that were lying around. The 250 needs minimum of 7.1

I'm assuming the extra power supply is for the DaynaPORT as the plug fits the socket. The Power supply is 7.5v 2.0A out. If anybody has a SCSI/Link-T and has some documentation, or can at least confirm the power requirements, it'd be appreciated.

The first step is to download and create the 7.5 network boot disk, and get the 7.5.3 installation image across to the 250, as unfortunately the previous owner erased the HDD years ago.

The LaserWriter will be a welcome addition to the working side of my Mac collection, and maybe it'll enthuse me to get my ImageWriter I (back) out and set up.

I plan to use the 250 and the floppy drive to read some 400K & 800K ProDOS disks from my //c, so that I can transfer (hopefully) some old data/catalogue CSV files off the 3.5" media to my other machines.

As an aside, is it possible or practical to transplant an LCD from another PowerBook model into the 250? What do I need to look out for?

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Comment by Lars (WhyOSX) on November 3, 2009 at 9:08pm
So you're one of the wise men to bid the XX,01 prices ?
I must raise my biddings to XX,02 then - I recently did and won a very nice white ProMouse :-)
Comment by Kathryn on November 6, 2009 at 1:50pm
Congratulations on such a great haul!


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