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I was given recently a powerbook G3 500 mhz firewire model that was doa when I received it. After leaving it plugged in for several hours and not starting up I was about to put in the junk pile when I gave it one last try to start it. It surprised me by sounding the gong sound and booting up in os 9.

From the time it first booted up I planned on the updates for it. The first thing I did was add 512 of ram to the 128 mb it came with. I installed os 10.4.11 on it and it ran slow for awhile until I upgraded to the .11 and ran onyx to clean it up. I am ready now to install another 512 of ram for the under side of the cpu board. This should kick up the boot speed a little bit more and make it run smoother. The wifi card that I put in it was only a "B" so uploading from the net was a little on the slow side, but then I decided to go for broke and get a wifi "N" cardbus card which works, but is a little flaky. The down load speed is vastly improved.

This free laptop has cost me so far about $90.00, but still cheaper than a new one. I could go really crazy and up grade the g3 cpu to a 550 mhz G4, I do not think so. I even found a site that still supplies super drives for these old laptops.

If you are reading this let me know if you have any suggestions, comments, or ideas on this powerbook G3.


Yes, it is a pismo with firewire. I got a new pci wifi card for it since the other one died. The new one works great. The batteries are in decent condition even though they are 10 years old, but the previous owner always kept the laptop plugged in so I think this is why the batteries still hold a charge after all this time. I have decided to stop the improvements on this old machine and save money for an ipod touch when they finally put a camera in it. This will be the replacement for the powerbook g3.

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Comment by Kathryn on January 14, 2010 at 11:06am
That a great save on the G3. I'm wondering which model it is. I'm assuming it is a Pismo?
Comment by Lars (WhyOSX) on January 14, 2010 at 11:41am
These extra 50MHz will not be worth anything, I suppose.
What is 'Onyx' ?
Comment by applefreak on January 23, 2010 at 8:23am
@ Kathryn "I'm wondering which model it is"
> Pismo
How many powerbooks G3 500 MHz are there ?
only one.

un upgrade to a G4 isn't worth
go to max ram 1GB, thirdparties
Comment by Michael on January 24, 2010 at 11:33am
As you can see by the update I have agreed with your suggestions and will not up date the pismo any further. My wallet was leaning towards that direction any way. Thank all of you for your comments.


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