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Russian Subtitles now available for free!

The Mac community is truly incredible, I’ve received an email , from Dmitriy “pharaon” Remezov, from Russia. He asked me where he could get Russian subtitles for MacHEADS, unfortunetaly because we are an small independent production team, we couldn’t find the funds to do subtitles in different languages. Dima wasn’t deterred, he made an incredible effort and translate the film and also went into the sound studio and added voice over! So now dear macheads friends in Russia you can get your MacHEADS in Russian! We will work on the DVD special edition for Russia, and will add Dima’s work. As soon as it goes out we will have updates on the website.

Скачать можно тут [497.27 Mb]

Credits goes to
Subtitles by - Dmitriy “pharaon” Remezov and Anna “Redhaired” Alperina

Voice over by - Dmitriy “pharaon” Remezov and Anna “Redhaired” Alperina

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