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Right now I'm cleaning off my mom's Indigo iMac G3. When I say "my mom's" you can equate that to "mine" since I'm the one that usually buys them, tinkers with their insides and then releases them to the wild.

I bought her a nice iMac G4 off eBay last week and had it delivered to my job - unit plus "eyeball"So here speakers for $189 + shipping - where it's been sitting since last week as well since I've been out sick and too skittish to go into the office after hours and walk out with a big box of equipment in front of the security cameras :P

For a bit I had 5 macs at once:
a Grape one, the first one I ever bought at a hefty $1300.00 from the UCLA Computer store
a G4 Laptop
a G3 laptop - may it rest in peace after it was stolen from me after I gave it a custom transparent blue paint job - if you see it let me know, I want it back and the external hard drive that was with it!
a PowerBook 5300C that came to me un-erased via eBay from the head of CNN
and the one I'm cleaning off now

But now we're just down to three, the G4 laptop, this indigo one and the one at my job.

If I can count our houseguest's Powerbook as "mine" that'll make it four :)

I feel kinda bad cleaning off this Indigo one and sending it out to the world via CraigsList, but we have too much stuff in the house as it is and this puppy, while looking good in blue, is as slow as hell.

So here i am cleaning off files and getting ready to run Disc Utility and overwriting everything possible...

Bye little blue buddy...

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