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So very, very close to a 128k Macintosh!!

If you haven't been to my page here on RMC's Ning site, then you might not know that I live in Springfield, Missouri.  I was having trouble sleeping late Tuesday night/early Wednesday morning, and I thought I'd check some e-mail.  I had recently found that I was getting tired of navigating eBay's search categories, particularly when using the iPhone app!  So I had saved three frequent searches for easy recall latter.  One was for Canon camera equipment, one was vintage Apple Computer equipment in general, and the last was vintage Macintosh equipment specifically.  I had selected to have eBay e-mail me when auctions matching these searches were posted.  I usually ignore e-mails from eBay, but I thought I'd have a look.

Well I did receive a bit of a surprise.  I saw an auction for an original 128k Macintosh, with a lot of extras, and it was right here in Missouri!  The seller was about am hour west of Springfield on I-44 in Joplin, Missouri.  I have never spent an time in Joplin it's self, but have drove past it heading to Oklahoma, and going to visit a close friend in Rogers, Arkansas.  After 4 bids, the 128k had already risen to a price of $1,350.00!!  I couldn't believe it, that seemed really high to me, but then I read the posting.

The Mac is said to be in mint condition, having been pre-ordered from an Apple Re-seller in Joplin in 1983.  The seller is auctioning this Mac for his dad, that bought it through a friend of his at the Apple re-seller.  It was one of the first units received in 1984, and has been owned by the seller's father every since.  Included with the computer were: an Image Writer printer, another early printer, all original manuels, system disks, original accessories, an external modem, and several blank disks.  But there's another treasure included with this computer, 10 issues of early Mac magazines!!

There are several copies of Mac User, and Macworld, including the first issues of both publications.  There are two copies of the famous first issue of Macworld Magazine!  This features Steve Jobs, and three brand new 128k Macintoshs on the cover!  Some of the cove stories of the other issues include: "The Fat Mac Arrives 512K", "The Mac Communicates!", "Mac Gets Down to Business", and "The New Macintosh Plus!".  All are dated from 1984.

One thing that really impressed me about the pictures for this auction was that there were pictures of the inside of the case!  As many fans of the Mac may already know, there are signatures inside the case.  Steve Jobs made a speech to the Macintosh team, "Great artists always sign their work!"  And Steve looked at the Macintosh as a work of art, and thought of all those that helped design it as the artists!!  So most of the team that designed the Mac got to immortalize their signatures in the molds that made the cases for the computer.  And if I'm not mistaken the 128k wasn't the only model these signatures are in.  I believe they also were inside the cases of the 512k, 512ke,and the Mac Plus.*  Most of the pictures of the insides of the case have a flashlight shining into the case to make the signatures easier to see in the pictures.  If your a fan of the Macintosh Folklore Radio Podcast, in the lower middle of the center picture below, you will see Andy Hertzfeld's signature!!  I am a hug fan, I just happen to be listening to MFR as I'm writing this post!!  Thanks again for the show Derek!!  :-)  :-)
















I will include a link here to the auction on eBay.  The auction ends on January 25th, 2011 at 1:27pm PST, 4:27pm EST.  Even if your like me, and can't bid on this auction, it's interesting to read.  If you've never seen the signatures inside an early Mac, these are really good!  Check it out!  Now I'm going to bed, and dreaming that I'll win Powerball Saturday night!!  Maybe if i do, I'll be making a trip to Joplin soon??!!  :-D  :-D

*If I'm wrong about which Macs had the design team's signatures in them, please leave me a comment correcting my statement.

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Comment by Kendall Seabury on January 20, 2011 at 8:30am
Comment by applefreak on January 20, 2011 at 12:44pm
afaik, all macintosh 128k have the signatures at the inside of the case, also the early 512k's , ED's and the beige mac plus

no mouse is displayed but in the text : Mouse has a Model Number of M0100,
so not the Lisa mouse with the 'thin button'
Comment by Franklin Johnson on January 20, 2011 at 1:26pm

@Kendall:  I didn't know that any of the laptop macs had signatures in them!  Nice pics on your page!!  Thanks for the info.


@applefreak: I wasn't aware that only certain 512k's, and only the bege Mac Plus had the signatures inside.  I'm kind of partial to the Platinum colored cases on the Mac Plus, so signatures will be there.  But I do want to get a 128k Mac, so I'll be good there on signatures!  Thanks for the extra info.


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