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can you get more in-depth into the actual inter workings ram, kind. chips, any quarks, 

details, seems like you guys are trying too hard to sound good and be radio hosts,

, pick a Vintage machine every week and beat it up… raise the hood and get right in, talk about

caps that might normally go bad with this machine, Values, What kind of ram to upgrade, speeds,

interesting facts about it, maybe funny stuff that is in rom, or compatible upgrades,ethernet cards.

Overclockeing,,,, Past experiences with that machine, what vintage applications were commonly used with this

model, what Audience commonly bought this machine. when did you first lay eyes on this model?

What os do you suggest runs best on this Opened hood, vintage mac of the week.

i would do it my self but we don't need yet another apple podcast! you guys got good chemistry

and a show ready to go.

Remember screensaveers on techtv, man Leo would get into the nitty gritty of things.

Maybe pick some macs and install linux/unix on them… and talk about your experiences… pro./cons,

most of your audience is nerds anyways, we can handle the heavy technical details, you don't have to smooth anything

over for this audience!.

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