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I thought it might be interesting to give my coverage of the grand opening of the Apple Store in the Promenade mall in Temecula. They opened today at 10 AM PDT, so we decided to get in line at about 8:30 AM after having breakfast at McDonalds around 7:45. The weather was reasonably nice around here: it was cloudless and 75°F with 41% humidity, though they supplied black umbrellas and rather expensive Glaceau water around 9 AM. My party got to the Store early enough to be one of the first to be let in, so the line wasn't too bad. I was probably about number 60 in line. The wait was pretty uneventful, though the Apple employees did run down the line giving high fives at about 9:45. After the doors finally opened at 9:56 by my watch, everybody cheered and almost ran inside the door. I later discovered that they only let the first 100 or so people inside, but it was already full with all of the employees. They began playing loud music as heard below in the video. They wouldn't let us keep the umbrella when we walked in. Oh well. They did, however, hand out Apple shirts. They came in little boxes probably about 5x3x3 inches, plain white with a two square inch rectangular sticker with the Apple logo on it holding it closed. My sister opened hers, and it was solid black with one inch tall text on the front that said  Promenade Temecula with "Designed by Apple in California" printed just below the neck on the back in fine print. The inside of the store was beautiful. It looked similar to probably most Apple Stores in that it was one big rectangle, probably twice as deep as it was wide with five or six tables packed with laptops, plus the desktops along the wall, except that this one seemed bigger than the South Coast Plaza store that I normally go to. I immediately headed for the Mac Pro, as I haven't managed to get within 10 feet of one, much less benchmark it. Xbench score for my 1 GHz Titanium PowerBook (what I am typing from now): 34.35. Score of the baseline 2.66 GHz Quad Mac Pro with a GT120 graphics card: 195.63, brought down by the disk score. Without that score counted on either machine, it is 38.42 vs. a whopping 356.33. Wow, that's fast. (A side note: the Titanium PowerBook was featured on the RetroMacCast. Two years ago. *Sigh* I need to upgrade.) My mother wanted to play with the Apple TV next to it for five minutes, while I borrowed my Dad's iPhone 3GS to take a video of the store.

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0:21, 2 MB. Sorry about the ending, I forgot to turn the iPhone's camera off first. We spent ten minutes wandering around the store playing with the brand new, only used once MacBooks (much better than the slightly sticky, very used ones that you normally see on the shelves at the South Coast Plaza store). Those are absolutely gorgeous when they are brand new. The glass displays, even in a brightly lit room, aren't too reflective for me, and surprisingly don't pick up fingerprints very easily. I unplugged a 15" 2.8 GHz MacBook Pro (likely stock, didn't check) and it estimated 5:58 of battery time with only two cycles on the battery. After playing with the iPhones/iPod Touches for ten minutes, we left. By my watch, it was 10:34. I apologize about the quality of the pics, as my DSi only has a pair of 0.3 MP cameras. The originals looked like UFO footage. These are mostly retakes, and can be made bigger by clicking on them. I have configured them as 300 pixel thumbnails with pop-ups of the full images.

This was the line from where I was at 8:50 AM. The Apple Store can be seen off to the left.

Another line pic, this time taken from a 3GS, right at the front of the store. The total length of the line was probably about 300-400 feet total. It curved around three times.

This is the box that the shirts come in, still sealed.

This is the front of the shirt itself. They handed out extra larges.

The back of the shirt, just below the collar. It reads: "Designed by Apple in California." if that is too blurry for you. Again, sorry about the quality of these images.

My Holy Apple Water. Random files: Mac Pro benchmark: macpro266quad.xbench Mac Pro system profile:
Mac Pro.spx

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Comment by James on September 26, 2009 at 10:26pm
It must be nice to be able to choose from among a bunch of Apple Stores. Alas, our nearest one is 207 miles away in Birmingham Alabama. I'm jealous!
Comment by Gavin on September 26, 2009 at 10:54pm
Ouch. It was a pain to travel the 72 miles to South Coast Plaza, but I can't imagine over 200. You have my sympathy.


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