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When I get time – almost never – I'm working on a book called "What I Learned as a Computer Guy". This book will be in two sections, intermingled. The first section is computer-related stuff. I'll have chapters on

  • Users and Why We Hate and Love Them
  • Unexpected Understandings of Computer People
  • Hardware, Software and What That Means
  • How Computers Actually Work - How to Solve Problems with Computers - How Computer Guys See Computers (this title might be a bit long; I'm working on it ;-) 
  • Why You Shouldn't Have My Career In Computers
  • and more.

The second part of the book (intermingled as I said) will be very short essays on thoughts I've had. 

In my mind I refer to this book as "WILaaCG". Catchy, no? :-)

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